AstroLinear     Note: The Planet Neptune is back in the same location, as when Sir Alexander Graham Bell lived...165 years ago... (see description below)





AstroLinear is a unique program that plots the movement of Planets and other bodies against a single point in time. A TimePoint. Allowing at a glance the dynamic interaction of the motion of planets as they cross key aspect points of the original single point in time.

The TimePoint is plotted with all the key angular aspects for each Planet position, at that point in time. For each planet in the inner solar system (the fast moving ones, up to Jupiter), but also including the outer planets, for each, 7 key angular aspects are plotted as horizontal, fixed lines in eternity, from the infinite past to the infinite future. The angles are: Conjunction (0deg), Opposition (180deg), Trine 1 & 2 (120deg), Sextile 1 & 2 (60deg), and Quartile 1 & 3 (90deg). Note that Opposition is the same as Quartile 2.

AstroLinear takes the basis that at a single point in time, the major angular aspects are predetermined and thus can be plotted. Then, as "active" planets within a different time frame (window) which are active and moving, cross the "native" (single point) positions - phenomena occur based on the nature of the interaction of the "active" moving planet against the static "native" aspect.


                 Planets move over native trigger points


The horizontal native dotted lines represent the positions of the planets at a specified single point in time, and all the major angular aspects. The solid transiting planet curves represent the active motion of the planets over time.


Meaning of Transits

As active transiting planets move over the trigger points of the native specified single point in time aspects, an energy outflow or inflow occurs depending on the aspect. Neither are considered bad or negative except in the aspect that where outflow, or work is indicated, then to be attempting the opposite activity would lack support, and vice versa where harmony and rest is indicated, would not support work and energetic activities.

The basis for this starts with the examination of how the Moon cycle of 27.32 days - the time it takes to orbit based on the background stars (not the Synodic Sun Phase of 29.53 days), is obviously relevant to life on the planet Earth. Note that although tides are associated with the Synodic Moon Cycle, the actual reproductive cycle of much life on the planet (including human), is tied to the 27.32 day Sidereal Moon Cycle and not the Sun/Moon/Earth Synodic cycle. The ramifications of this are astounding. It is the return each 27.32 days of the Moon to the sign and position it was in, at moment of birth, relative to the background stars, that is the reproductive signal, and not the visible Full/New Moon cycle as is often assumed.

Albeit the Full/New Moon Cycle is attributed to global tide activity, it is further strange that despite extreme accuracy of modern technology to predict such timing of events to the millisecond - still - tides still cannot actually be predicted by modern technology, suggesting that a further connection to Sidereal motion has its own previously unknown effect. 

Intriguingly one other phenomenon is how, since the Sun being a rotating Fluid Plasma, has different rotation rates on its surface - the equator rotates faster then the polar regions, there is a latitude on the Sun that rotates, at the exact same rate as the Full/New Moon Cycle. Meaning that once every 29.5 days, as a New Moon occurs on the Earth (i.e. us looking at a sliver Moon) - the Sun ~behind~ the Moon is seeing a Full Moon! Brightly lit by its own light as if looking in a mirror. And astoundingly, the surface of the Full Moon that the Sun is seeing, is what is always the Far Side of the Moon, that is never visible to the Earth! But even further, there are two points in North and South Latitude Hemispheres of the Sun, that are ~always~ seeing that Full Moon - at the same time, every 29.5 days...

This all postulates that a similar, cyclical effect, easily observed in the motion of the Moon and its tangible direct effect on all life on the planet Earth - including (and especially insect life), may equally likely have an obscure and not fully understood effect on life and/or indeed physics - for each and every one of the other planetary bodies as they move through the sky in the Ecliptic Plane. Mercury, Venus, Mars - moving fast and having similar speeds to the Sun - i.e. Mars orbit is 687 days as opposed to Earth roughly double. Then as well, the outer planets moving much slower.

The Jupiter orbit is 12 years (11.9), meaning that astonishingly in a Solar System supposedly randomly created in a fuzzy "Accretion Disk" theory of randomly colliding and ejecting material over billions of years, ends up being 12 years which is an ancient mystical number of significance. In that the Planet Jupiter then spends ONE year in each sign, which is an odd coincidence to say the least. But it goes further. Next out is Saturn, orbit of 29.5 years, which coincides with 29.5 days of the Full Moon cycle, not a real connection or synchronism, but, moving out to the next major outer planet astoundingly the planet Uranus has an orbit of verily exactly 84 years (84.0205) - meaning that the planet Uranus spends exactly 7 years, in each sign, making a significant resonance with the planet Jupiter but also making an extremely unlikely coincident even number.

Then, next out the planet Neptune is almost exactly double the number of years of Uranus - a third astoundingly coincidence that could not possibly have happened by the accidental forming of dust particles in a primordial Solar System. And meaning that Neptune spends 14 years in any sign.  Note the number 7 is a significant ancient mystical number of significance as well. Here in ~3~ cases, are intriguing linkages between 3 of the outer planets.

Pluto itself at 248 years, is a 2:3 resonance with the Planet Neptune, which considering the low mass of the Pluto System is odd that gravity resonant tidal effects (the official explanation), would account for.

There are many other odd and strange effects in the motion of the planets, such the goal of this endeavour is to allow an objective study of, for the purposes of increasing the knowledge of mankind about the universe it lives in.


Retrogrades are interesting appearances of an active transiting planet appearing to first begin to slow down from a stable normal motion - to appear in a normal linear motion (similar to the Sun), but then from time to time apparently suddenly begin to slowly slow down, then stop, then move backward for a time, then stop, then appear to continue moving forward, then finally passing the original point of redirection.

The significance is twofold:  there are several key points in the retrograde - i) slowdown - the beginning of awareness of a pending complex ii) stoppage - the beginning of delay or prolongation iii) reverse course - reversals, inversions, lack of action, indecision iv) stoppage - peak of a crisis or operation v) forward motion before but before resolution vi) crossing of the original stoppage - resolution vii) resume to normal.

The other significance is that during the time a planet is stopped, it mimics i) the long line of a static single point of time (it is stopped, i.e. not moving) hence is a pseudo horizontal line, and ii) mimics the near-horizontal line/curve of a very slow moving long-orbit planet like Pluto or Neptune, depending on the zoom level of detail being looked at.

In essence, depending on the zoom level being looked at, all active transiting planets, or single specified points in time, or retrograde stoppages, are all the same reality, when looked at from the point of view - of infinity...

Meaning of Aspects

As the planets move in their orbits through the Ecliptic - the path the Sun and Moon take relative to the Earth - they will at each new cycle be back at the exact same place in the sky - relative to the background stars. These star patterns were configured into shapes and names in the past by the ancients. Some alternative theories speculate that in the past, comet activity in all of these regions - actually presented cosmological images of true structures - Plasma Auroras - that indeed looked like the signs that were attributed to them.

A bull with horns (common Plasmoid). A Crab. A Lion with a flowing mane. A Scorpion. A strange Goat/Fish creature. A figure pouring water upon the Earth. Two Fishes, appearing to kiss - a common appearance of many Nebula in the known sky undergoing Plasma/Electrical discharge events on huge galactic scales.

Ancient navigation - an objective scientific non-subjective endeavour to help mankind, also coupled with a real observation of fixed phenomena in the sky, somewhat whimsically but also for specific imporant reasons and is why the phenomena exists to this day pervasively. Continually new archeological sites are digging up temples with Zodiac images elaborately and expensively constructed as foremost astronomical sites, that have the same sign meanings (a pair of fishes for example).

So there is a meaning to the absolute position of a planet relative to the background star constellation that once housed a visible Plasma Structure. As Plasma discharge dissipates, due to changes in electric flow throughout the Galaxy - the phenomena becomes INVISIBLE due to plasma fields going from "Glow" (or even "Arc") Mode - to Plasma "Dark" mode. The electric flow through these galactic fields is greatly reduced, but nonetheless, still exists but is not visible. But still - contributes to an effect of focus from the background constellation nature at play - as a kind of "focus", or "lens", as it is affected by the planet in front of it - the two lined up - to us, on the Earth.

 Next, as the planets move through the signs, and all the various angles, an obscure, somewhat intangible, not fully understood (yet) psychological complex pervades. But again, using the Moon as an example - even discounting any tangible physics which may be undetectable by modern science - just the psychology of a large moving cyclical body which is prominent in the sky on Earth - has tangible meaning. Extending this idea further - the hands on a clock, can be considered to be a predictor of future events, when two parties agree that when one hand lines up at some predetermined agreed upon angle - line up - then two people will meet in some cafe somewhere.

The "Clock", has been used to predict a future event, based on the alignment of two of its hands (planets).

Indeed the very clock itself, was invented as a representation of the movement of the rotation of the Earth, against the 12 background constellations. Not the other way around. Resulting in 12 zones of influence, that between two orbiting bodies (the clock representing the hour hand the Sun - the minute hand the Moon).

And, all the significant angles that can occur between them - is the model that extends also to each and every orbiting body in the Solar System, on a large scale, even including the asteroids and comets.

The angles of significance are: Conjunction - 0 degrees - an active transiting planet has crossed over the same position of either the same planet or another planet on the specified single point in time. It represents renewal as the simultaneous ending and beginning of a new cycle, representing completion. The commonly known "birthday", is really a Solar Conjunction - the Sun has gone around and returned to the exact same place it was on the moment of birth (the specified single point in time). Note that all planets have their own "birthdays", but for which are actually different days that the Solar Birthday. For example, Mars birthdays occur every 687 days, i.e. every 1.88 Solar Years.

They have equal meaning to the Solar Birthday in potency, but with the meaning of the particular planet. For example Solar effect is "Energy", whereas Mars effect is "Desire".

Opposition - 180 degrees - an active transiting planet has crossed to the exact opposite position of either the same planet or another planet on the specified single point in time. It represents the difficult midway point of a cycle, where reality appears inverted and opposed to the original influence of the original placement, forcing reconciliation, an outflow of energy, equivalent to the out cycle of breathing out carbon dioxide, representing conflict, an energy source for work to be accomplished, the inversion of harmony and rest (see Trine and Sextile aspects). Can be perceived to be a bad thing where rest is required or desired.

Quartile - 90 degrees - sub angles of the 180 degree Opposition which is the 2nd Quartile - the 1st Quartile is 90 degrees and the 3rd Quartile is 270 degrees. The Quartiles mimic the commonly known Moon Quarters but applies to all planets in the meaning of the planet transiting and being crossed.

Trine - 120 degrees - an active transiting planet has crossed to a triangular 120 degree angle to the native planet position. It represents a Harmonious aspect which can include a rest phase, the opposite effect of a Quartile or Opposition where work is done, it is the inflow of energy, the inbreath of oxygen in breathing. Can be perceived to be a bad thing where work is required or desired.

Sextile - 60 degrees - sub angles of the 120 degree Trine - similarly a Harmonious aspect. Essentially the 2 Trines and 2 Sextiles, along with the Conjunction and Opposition, make up a perfect 6 sided structure similar to the Star of David and represent maturity and peace as planets transit over the Trine or Sextile point.

Major Angles

Ascendant, Descendant, Zenith, Nadir - all are created by the fast 24 hour rotation of the Earth. Note that if a specified point in time has only the day part of the date specified, the default is for midnight for the angles, and removes the relevance of these 4 angles for any transiting analysis. As this is 4 angles out of about 28 others, is not completely crucial. I.e. a lot of meaning can be analyzed from just a specified day date only.

Ascendant - is the sign that was rising on the Eastern Horizon at the specified moment in time. Controlled by the rotation of the Earth, changes sign every 2 hours and the complete cycle in 24 hours. Represents Outward Appearance to the World

Descendant - similar to the Ascendant but 180 degree opposite point at the specified point in time - descending on the Western Horizon. Represents Relationships.

Zenith - the exact overhead position at the specified point in time - represents Career.

Nadir - similar to Zenith but exact 180 degree opposite point underneath the Earth. Represents Home and Domestics.

Aspect Colour Scheme:   Purple for Conjunction (Reconciliation of Blue vs Red), Blue for Trine/Sextile which are Harmonious, Red for Quartile/Opposition which are Frictional, The Major Angles are in White and have the same meaning as Conjunctions

Planet Meanings

☉Sun - Energy   ☽Moon - Caring   ☿Mercury - Intellect   ♀Venus - Emotion   ♂Mars - Desire   ♃Jupiter - Opportunity   ♄Saturn - Discipline   ♅Uranus - Genius    ♆Neptune - Drama   ♇Pluto - Resolve

Sign Meanings


Cardinal - Initiatory     Fixed - Resolute     Mutable - Flexible   

♈Aries - Initiation   ♉Taurus - Stability    ♊Gemini - Intellect, Communication   ♋Cancer - Sheltering   ♌Leo - Performance    ♍Virgo - Analysis

♎Libra - Harmony    ♏Scorpio - Planning    ♐Sagittarius - Adventure   ♑Capricorn - Business    ♒Aquarius - Discovery   ♓Pisces - Art


Fire - Energetic      Earth - Grounded     Air - Intelligent     Water - Emotive

♈Aries - Initiation     ♉Taurus - Stability     ♊Gemini - Intellect, Communication    ♋Cancer - Sheltering    ♌Leo - Performance     ♍Virgo - Analysis   

♎Libra - Harmony     ♏Scorpio - Planning    ♐Sagittarius - Adventure     ♑Capricorn - Business    ♒Aquarius - Discovery    ♓Pisces - Art




Markers - will highlight whenever a transiting active planet moves over a native trigger point. Note that mousing over a marker will display the meaning of the planetary alignment. The significance of Markers is that they clearly highlight the aspects of moving planets against native original positions and angles of the TimePoint.

Text - will display the meaning of each native horizontal line immediately above each line, and also identify the transiting planets in capitalized text in the same color as the planet. Note only angular aspects that have transiting planets crossing them in the time window will be displayed. [Text - All] will display the Native text for native angular aspects that do not have any transiting planets within the time window time window

Pointers - will show arrows pointing to each transit similar to markers.

Moon - turns the Moon display on or off. Moon transits are more relevant when zooming into a small time window for detailed analysis - often a complex alignment or activity will be triggered by the fast moving Moon as it crosses what may be a slow moving and ponderous aspect that has been going on for some time. (Camel's back etc). When viewing zoomed out a large time window, the fast moving Moon cycle can clutter up the display.

Black - the normal default background - for printing it may be desired to use White background (this turned off). Although the Black background makes superior dramatic high glossy photo prints very effective to read.

Size - allows selecting various aspect ratios  - note that the very wide ratios can be useful for looking at very large time windows and allows scrolling horizontally to find aspect patterns and trends over large periods of time.

Profile - "AstroGraph"

Profile - a kind of unique "fingerprint" that each moment in time has, identified by it's unique relationship to all other planets at that moment, similar to how a Spectrograph uniquely identifies a unique chemical makeup, i.e. "AstroGraph", is an interesting arrangement of the aspects starting at moment of time and flowing through a) one entire year of aspects and yet interestingly at the same time b) one entire day. In fact the beginning of the Profile begins at the moment of time of day of the TimePoint and proceeds through 24 hours back to the same hour the next day. But is the same, for the motion of all other planets through the Profile.

The profile is a "Sequence" of aspects, uniquely defined by the moment in time, with positive and negative (Inflow and Outflow) aspects and how they occur in a sequence of time and the spacing of time between them, or conversely, where they may cluster together adding potency to effects.

A profile is a fingerprint of each and every unique point in time which when the actual time is specified down to minutes, will allow a two-hour differential. I.e. two different points in time 2 hours apart, will have different Ascendant, Descendant, Zenith, and Nadir, hence a different profile. It is postulated that other "micro" undiscovered cycles in nature, perhaps similar to circadian rhythms, may indeed synchronize with the "macro" cycles of the daily rotation of the Earth and outer planets.

Profile is significant because it is the pattern that occurs as all planets cross over the trigger point sequences - always in the same order but at different speeds and rates, and different meanings for the different planets and triggers.

For instance, immediately after a specified point in time that has defined all future angular aspects, the same sequence of angular aspects occurs in the same sequence and with the same gaps in between. Immediately after the point in time, all the short cycles are relevant first and are the first encountered - Ascendant and other angles, passes through the entire Profile in the first 24 hours. Then next the moon cycle - passes through the Profile in 28 days. Then the Sun, passes through the Profile in 365 days. Then Venus, Mars and the other planets according to their orbit times. Eventually even out to the outer planet long orbits of hundreds of years.

Selecting the [Profile] Function will generate various views of the Profile/AstroGraph for the selected TimePoint. It can also be viewed by finding the native vertical line for the selected TimePoint - but, with the window selected also to view the period that contains the TimePoint. Finding the vertical highlight for the TimePoint will show the Profile as the horizontal lines cutting through the TimePoint, as in the following images:


AstroGraph for one moment in time:


AstroGraph for another moment in time:



Note that Retrograde motion (described above) can move normally through the Profile, across the lines indicated by it, as normal motion, but also then when going retrograde, in a way distorting it in time and motion because as they move backward, can cause a passed profile point to then actually repeat in odd ways. A planet normally appears to move forward, but then appear to slow down, stop, slowly reverse, slowdown, stop, then resume forward motion through the Profile - making a very unique "complex" of events, especially when various planet retrogrades overlap with other transiting planets, or, other retrogrades...

Other Notes

The interaction of Mercury, Venus, and the Sun is unique because the 2 planets are within the orbit of the Earth, making them appear to be "linked", or "locked" to the motion of the Sun. Which is visible in the diagram in that Mercury is never far from the Sun and Venus to another extent. The extent that Mercury revolves around the Sun is actually a representation of the orbit of the Planet as seen from Earth. from Earth.

AstroLinear as an Astronomy tool

Once understood the method at play, AstroLinear can be used for Astronomy observations and other analysis. The 12 Signs of the Zodiac are nothing other than each a symbolic representation of the 360 degrees of the circle, in 30 degree "slices", or zones. Also significant is how because of the disk-like nature of the Solar System the planets orbit in, they appear to move across a single path in the sky (to within a few degrees vertically) that follows the path of the Sun and Moon. For this reason AstroLinear can be used to locate positions of planets especially useful for locating the low visibility outer planets. For example, locating a conjunction between Mars and Neptune would allow locating Neptune for observation purposes is achievable.

Also, the position shown on the Y-Axis Sign position, can be imagined to be a representation of the sky, by turning the graph 90 degrees to the right where the Signs are at the top reading left to right (Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc). In this mode the 12 signs represent 0 to 360 degrees - 0 Aries, 30 Taurus, 60 Gemini etc. For example, if Venus is currently in Taurus (90+ degrees), and Mars is at opposition 180 degrees opposed, at 270+ degrees, then on that day as Mars is setting on the West Horizon, Venus will be rising on the East Horizon, and vice versa.

A further example is the many conjunctions between Mercury and Venus and the Sun. When on the chart a planet appears above the Sun, it means that as the Sun sets, the planet will appear above the Sun on the West Horizon - then after the Suns goes down the planet will appear to follow it down as the rotation of the Earth rotates the two out of sight. Also, a planet that appears below the Sun on the chart, will mean that just before the Sun rises the planet will rise before it, in the pre-dawn darkness, but will vanish due to daylight shortly after the Sun rises. Note that the rotation of the Earth is in the opposite direction of the planets in their orbits around the Sun, so over a few days as the planets move one way, during the day the rotation of the Earth will move them the other direction.

In other words, as the Moon (or other planet) moves in its orbit it appears to move through the sky from right to left day by day throughout the month, repeating every 27.33 days (looking South in the Northern Hemisphere), but at the same time as the Earth rotates the Moon will appear to move left to right as it sets on the Western Horizon, because of the daily fast rotation of the Earth.




Unique Mars Retrograde 2009

Another example is in the sample above you can see a rare retrograde in the Planet Mars happened in the year 2009. Perfectly coincided interestingly with the Canadian Government's Proroguing of their House of Parliament - twice, in perfect lockstep with the Retrograde motion of Mars.

A retrograde is considered subjectively by some to mean a psychological "delay". Intuitively looking at it seems to support the phenomenon - it is the appearance of a planet moving through the sky like the hand on a clock - steady and normal, but then almost as if by magic, appears to slow down, stop, then actually move backwards. Then after awhile, slows down, stops again, then starts moving forward as normal.

The ancients actually used this phenomena to scare the masses (similar to eclipses) - the original purpose of religion, which during ancient times, was all planet based (synod for example is a purely astronomical term). All the original monks, were astronomers first.

But anyway it may seem subjective, but it is a fact that NASA tracks and has acknowledged the negative effects of a Mercury Retrograde on communications - and actually will reschedule certain major events to not happen during a Mercury Retrograde. On the map Mercury is the fast moving cyan curve. Because it moves fast and is close to the Sun it has many and severe retrogrades. Venus next out, is less, then Mars, and the outer slower moving planets are less pronounced, although interestingly you can see the Neptune and Pluto retrogrades happening in lockstep, during the same time as this major Mars retrograde, meant the entire Solar system last year essentially "seized up", and was moving backward.

Focusing on just the Mars retrograde - it was rare because, normally Mars is a nice sloping upward linear motion similar to the Sun the yellow line at about half the slope (Sun 365 days, Mars 687 day orbit). What is very rare in this care, for several different independent reasons, is first the retrograde itself stretched out for almost 7 months, a period that would normally take about a month to traverse in the sky. Time would have seemed to slow down, and stop, and then drag out as a planet seemingly stopped moving in the sky. People would only notice this subconsciously. A natural tendency to delay, would be the order of the day. Right in the middle of this - Harper prorogued Parliament. Interestingly people born during a similar previous time like this, would be in comfort. Others would find it a long prolonged time of agony.

I think of that friendly amiable normal caring guy working as a steward on the Airplane, routinely caring for the wellbeing of his passengers, who, for no apparent reason suddenly - popped a beer he was about to give to a passenger - drank it down - then proceeded to blow the escape chute and jump down it - and quit his job - was manifesting the frustration of a long protracted period of non-progress as all the planets - appear to have stopped in their motion.

All the clocks - stopped. Seemingly. With the limited scope of the perception of mankind, it is currently in its evolution a subconscious process (with future knowledge will no longer be sublimated, but brought into conscious knowledge - the next step in evolution). Leading to subconscious urges and motivators that can cause such seemingly "unexplainable" events perceived to be irrational or unacceptable.

Conversely those who would be thriving in the environment during all this time under a longterm positive aspect (energy Inflow), would have oppositely developed false feelings of power over others to delay - but at the expense of various rude awakenings as the clocks seemingly so powerful impeding the progress of others, perceived as their OWN power over others erroneously and opportunistically - suddenly spring to life - and start moving again, knocking them out of their ~comfortable~ zones of stasis, as others are conversely given their freedom of motion they originally had, once again.


The other unique aspect of this particular complex retrograde is how the Mars retrograde essentially "coupled" two other major Retrograde groups at both ends of the Mars retrograde - the Mercury/Venus Retrograde groups at the beginning and end cycles. It's visible where the Red and Purple lines (Mars and Venus) cross at the beginning and end. Making a long drawn out series of subconsciously  interconnected retrogrades. Normally the two Mercury/Venus retrograde groups would be distinct independent even groups - but in this case for an entire year, two independent groups were connected to each other through one big drawn out Mars retrograde. Two Mercury/Venus retrograde groups were connected to each other through two Venus/Mars conjunctions, because of the protracted Mars retrograde, happening exactly when it did.

Normally we heave and sigh through these times for the odd month, which then always pass, in a big relief, and move on. In this case three retrograde groups were coupled together  and had to be endured (or enjoyed), for over a year.

It looks impressive itself but you have to also realize that this is a graphical representation of a real, objective event happening in the solar system, on a huge scale. Every moment. And, likened to the effect when you're on a train, moving at some speed, and another train moves outside the window - slightly faster, both trains moving forward, but causes an illusion of your own train - you're on - to be moving backwards. Causing a kind of dizziness. Or nausea. Brought on by a psychological effect where one's brain is getting signals different, than what the eyes are showing. Vertigo. The same effect happened that year on a planetary scale, abnormally, for over a year. But where the trains - are planets...

(c) 2015 William Whittingham